Connect to the Great Blue Sky

Before Buddhism was introduced in the 16th century, religion in Mongolia was based on shamanistic beliefs. Mongolian shamans practice a unique ritual where they bring their ancestor’s spirit or soul into their bodies to perform readings and give blessings. It is considered a spiritual destiny to be born and chosen as a shaman and to connect the physical world to the spirit world. Mongolian shamanism has a strong connection to the Great Blue Sky, believed to be a strong spiritual source.

Book a visit to an authentic Mongolian shaman with us and let him read your spiritual energy to gain insight into your past, present, and future. Once the reading is done, more special rituals can be organized with the advance preparation of offerings. The best days for these readings will be those with a full moon, although other dates are possible as well.

On request, we can arrange several other rituals:

A fire ritual for ancestors’ energy and blessing

A ritual to attract your soul mate

A ritual to the Naga (supreme spirits of nature) for a blessing of prosperity

Removal of dark energy or ghosts from your aura and body

Connection or channeling to deceased loved ones

Healing of some mental diseases and traumas

Removal of, and protection from curses

Each ritual will cost about 200-500 USD including the preparation of an offering. In some very rare cases, some of
the rituals must take place in secret places deep in the countryside. In that case, related costs for
travel will be added to the base price.


More details and itinerary:


1 person 300 USD, 2 persons 220 USD per person, 3 persons 200 USD per person.

Additional rituals 200-500 USD depending on group size, availability and offerings required. Please ask us for specific price details!

Morning pickup from your hotel and a sightseeing tour in Terelj National Park, including a visit to the Tsonjin Boldog Buddhist monastery. After lunch, you will meet with the shaman for blessings and reading. Return to UB in the early evening.

Mongolian shaman tour


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