Spiritual tours that let you explore sites connected to energy sources or partake in energy healing rituals. Delve deep into Mongolia’s ancient shamanistic and Buddhist beliefs and learn about energy lines, cosmic power convergences and unblocking the chakras in your own body. From exploring possible gateways into the mystical kingdom of Shangri-La to receiving a reading from an authentic Mongolian shaman, get ready to discover Mongolia’s spiritual heritage!

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Join us on a pilgrimage to some of Mongolia’s more remote holy sites! Thanks to centuries of nomadic culture and shamanistic beliefs, you won’t see towering pagodas or huge cathedrals reaching for the clouds in this country. Instead, Mongols tend to revere the mountains and sky themselves, preferring to worship in a way that’s directly connected to nature itself. Explore the Mongolian countryside as you trek to these remote sites of spiritual importance and see the sights few tourists ever get to see!

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Consisting of both ancient shamanistic practices and Tibetan Buddhism, Mongolia’s religious background is made up of multiple belief systems co-existing alongside each other. Since the fall of communism in Mongolia, these religions are once again practiced freely, and the country is witnessing a true rebirth of old traditions. Whether you are traveling independently or looking for an unforgettable school trip destination, our Mongolian Buddhism study tours can help you learn more about this unique religious culture!

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Unique destinations

Our spiritual tours take you to unique, off-the-beaten-path destinations, avoiding tourist crowds to give you a taste of true Mongolian spirituality.

Flexible pricing

We offer three distinct price plans, allowing you to customize your spiritual experience to fit your budget. From a low-budget experience with only the basic necessities to our luxury package where we make sure you travel in total comfort, we can tailor our experiences to every need!

A personal touch

We like to keep it informal. We love to hear your personal stories and preferences to get to know you better and to help create lasting memories of your travels in Mongolia!


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