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Whether you are booking a private tour or looking for a perfect school trip, we can adjust our study tours for all purposes. Happy Mongolia has been working for 2 years as a local partner for Curtin University in Perth, Australia. In addition to organizing study tours, we also help set up internships with local hosts to support the exchange of knowledge and development of rural areas. We will be happy to assist those looking to organize field trips, workshops, school excursions or long-term exchange programs. Please ask us about custom study tours through our contact form here.

Join us on a 7-day study tour in central Mongolia and visit some of the country’s most important cultural heritage sites. Explore Erdenezuu monastery and the ruins of the ancient Mongol capital of Kharkorum. Travel along the Orkhon River and climb the Khangai mountain range to find the secluded Tuvkhun monastery high up in the mountains. Learn about the introduction and influence of Buddhism in Mongolia and its resurgence after the Communist purges of the last century.

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Join us on a walking tour through Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar as we explore the city’s main religious and cultural heritage sites. On this day-long tour, we will visit the Gandan monastery, the Zanazabar¬†Art Museum, and the Choiji Lama Temple Museum. Learn about Mongolia’s religious history¬†and the influence of famous philosophers and artists on its culture.

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