A little about myself:

Growing up in a city in communist Mongolia, I had no religious background or any experience with a nomad lifestyle. But after losing my father, I decided to serve on a mission in the U.S.A. for the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Colorado. This was the start of my personal spiritual journey, back in 2000. After my missionary work, I returned to Mongolia in 2002 where my newfound English skills brought great opportunities to my life. I started guiding tours throughout Mongolia’s countryside and learned to connect with my home country’s wild natural spirit and culture.

In 2007 I found myself working for the American Buddhist Lama Konchig Norbu, translating and publishing dharma books and setting up Buddhist study programs in India for Mongolian youths. Around this time I really opened up to Buddhism and went on to become Buddhist myself.

Over the course of my life, I have been blessed with dozens of international personal friends and hundreds of social media friends, have managed more than 30 properties in Ulaanbaatar, set up more than 15 international companies, traveled to at least 10 countries, helped write several travel guide books and met with great spiritual masters who showed me truths on having love and compassion in your life. But my greatest blessing was the birth of my two children who brightened up my life in 2010 and 2015.

The struggles of single motherhood lead me to awaken spiritually. It took me some years to fully understand that in order to become my best self, I should start to work on healing my soul. As this is an ongoing process, I decided to combine my interests in spirituality and my existing travel business. Therefore, I changed my tour company’s concept in 2019 to focus exclusively on guiding people to discover Mongolia’s spiritual treasures for themselves. I am very happy to show the world the healing powers of chanting, meditation, loving and offering and receiving blessings from the Great Blue Sky!

I hope we will meet soon, and I wish you love and bliss!


Contact me:

Email: happymongolia@gmail.com

Phone/Whatsapp: +976-99844844

WeChat: daka-davaajargal

Skype: davaajargal_nyamdorj

Address: Bayangol district, 1 Khoroo, Building#46, Entrance#5, Floor#3, Flat#71, Ulaanbaatar

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