For our multi-day tours, we offer you three distinct price plans: Basic, Standard or Deluxe. Choose a plan that suits your travel style and budget. To start your booking process, please mention your plan of choice together with your chosen tour in the contact form below! Should you wish to arrange a custom made price plan, please let us know!

Note: Single-day tours and tours around Ulaanbaatar have a fixed price, detailed on the tour page. If you have selected a tour with a stated fixed price, it is not necessary to select a price plan. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking a tour.

In our most basic pricing option, we supply you with a four-wheel-drive vehicle and an experienced driver. The Happy Mongolia team will inform the driver of your itinerary, after which you’ll be ready to set off on your chosen adventure. Average travel distance per day is roughly 150-200 kilometers on an unpaved road and 300-350 kilometers on a paved road.

Please keep in mind that when choosing the Basic price plan fuel costs, meals, accommodation, entrance fees, and activity costs are not included. Instead, you are free to decide on accommodation options and extra activities as you see fit. We will provide you with a basic stove so you can cook your own meals.

Expect fuel to cost around 20-25 USD per 100 kilometers, family-based guest houses to cost around 10 USD a night and bed & breakfast at a ger camp will set you back around 30-40 USD per night. Camping is done in the wild and will be free.

The daily cost for the Basic price plan is 70 USD per day.

The Standard price plan covers all transportation, meals, accommodation and entrance fees. Not included are horse riding and camel riding activities.

Meals – You will be cooking meals with our team and some meals will be served at ger camps along the way. Please
inform us in advance if you are vegan/vegetarian or have any food allergies.

Accommodation – Depending on your itinerary, you will be both staying in larger tourist ger camps and in local nomad camps. You will spend some nights camping out under the stars when traveling through remote areas.

Transportation – You will be assigned a four-wheel-drive vehicle and an experienced driver. For tours in or around Ulaanbaatar, we use regular cars or Japanese minivans depending on your group’s size.

The Standard price plan costs about 120-180 USD per person per day, depending on group size and tour duration. For an exact price for your booking, please contact us through the form below.

Our Deluxe price plan is designed for people who prefer daily hot showers and flush toilets. You will enjoy all the benefits the Standard price plan offers, with the following upgrades:

We will book you the best ger camps in the area. You will be served daily restaurant meals and stay in private ger tents equipped with comfortable beds.

Your transportation will be in the form of modern Toyota Land Cruisers that will make any long hours on the road more comfortable.

For groups up to 3 people, we will arrange daily meals served at ger camps and restaurants. For groups of 4 or more, we can arrange a fully equipped mobile kitchen with a private cook. 

The daily cost for the Deluxe plan will be between 200-430 USD, depending on group size.
(1 person 430 USD, 2 persons 260 USD, 3 or more 200 USD per day)


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